The 2021 Inventor’s Challenge is Now Closed For Submissions

We are inspired to see the hard work of the next generation of young inventors.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison


What is the Inventor’s Challenge?

Inventor’s Challenge is brought to you by AT&T and, powered by Two Bit Circus Foundation. Kids around the world are invited to create inventions that will help solve problems in their homes, schools or communities using whatever tools and materials are available. The Inventor’s Challenge fosters critical 21st century skills and attitudes, like creativity and innovation, optimism and empathy, and the willingness to experiment and take risks.

Prize Packages

The Inventor’s Journey

The Inventor’s Journey begins with inspiration and culminates in the sharing of an original artifact made by children using whatever tools and materials are available.

5 Components of the Inventor’s Journey

Participate in the Inventor’s Challenge

We designed the Inventor’s Challenge to provide an opportunity for kids, both in and outside of school, to engage in a creative process that both fosters 21st century skills and is rewarding and fun.